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Bestel eenvoudig en snel uw hapje of drankje met Anna-Bel

Virtual, personal, simple and fast!

Anna-Bel is your virtual waitress. Your guest scans the QR code on the table and orders online. If desired, the guest also pays immediately. Anna-Bel makes the guest's life easier, as well as the lives of the staff. For the restaurants, the Anna-Bel app is available for both iOS and Andriod so that the staff receives push notifications for orders and payments. Your new 24/7 staff member will be available for you within a week.

Anna-Bel started in 2017 as a concept. Anno 2020 many catering businesses, including the Valk Exclusief hotels, work with the Anna-Bel system in their bar, lounge, restaurant, terrace, and room service. During the lockdown, we even converted Anna-Bel for use in delivery and pick-up services.

Anna-Bel is happy to help your business, especially at this special time. We are looking for enthusiastic restaurateurs who also want to use Anna-Bel.

Are you interested? Call, SMS, WhatsApp or mail us!

COVID offer

  • Start within a week
  • Choose from: take-away module, delivery module, order module, payment module
  • From €50,- per month
How Anna-Bel works

How Anna-Bel works

Anna-Bel works both with the open table principle (order only) and with the closed table principle (order and pay immediately). When you link Anna-Bel to your cash register system you can also have your guests pay the bill, or have them place additional orders, on bills that have previously been charged by your physical staff. Your guests order more often, faster, and pay easily. An option to tip and receive a digital invoice is also possible.

Click on the button (more information) below to see how Anna-Bel works for your guests:


What does Anna-Bel cost?

  1. 50,-
    Minimum per month*
  2. 1%
    Per transaction**
  3. 350,-
    One-time setup costs***
  4. 373941
    Orders last period

COVID offer

* €500 maximum per month
** 0% for the first calendar month
*** €0,- one-off setup costs &
€150 reimbursement when quitting and returning printer + WiFi setup box


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