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This is how Anna-Bel works

Virtual, personal, simple, and fast. Anna-Bel is a unique virtual waitress. Your guest scans the QR Code, makes an order and your employee serves. Anna-Bel is new and simplifies the guest's life, as well as the life of the staff. Your guests can register and receive a unique Anna ID. This allows the guest to view invoices in the account after departure and leave a review.

STEP 1: Scan the QR code

With Anna-Bel you can easily order a snack or drink from your own phone.

STEP 2: Place and pay for your order

Choose what you want to order and how you want to pay*. (*: optional)

STEP 3: Your order is ready

Anna Bel will make sure it comes your way! Are you done drinking and/or eating? You can just walk away, as you have already paid*! (*: optional)

STEP 4: Apply for an Anna ID

Are you a frequent guest? Register your details to receive more service. This way you can view and manage all invoices in the Anna ID account.

STEP 5: Rate Anna-Bel

We are very curious about your experiences with Anna-Bel and are happy to listen to our guests in order to improve the service.

STEP 6: Tell-a-friend!

Share our website with your friends, acquaintances, and/or relations.